Hydra Light - 2n1 Flashlight and Lantern
Hydra Light - 2n1 Flashlight and Lantern
Hydra Light - 2n1 Flashlight and Lantern
Hydra Light - 2n1 Flashlight and Lantern

Hydra Light - 2n1 Flashlight and Lantern

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Hydra Light - 2n1 Flashlight and Lantern

HydraLight Flashlight is a flashlight that uses water instead of batteries to power itself. A single water dip allows up to 100 continuous hours of use and each fuel cell lasts for 300 hours of use.

The breakthrough technology used within this flashlight gives it 25-year shelf life. The versatility of the handle means it can be used either as a flashlight or a lantern meaning it can be used both on the go and as part of an outdoor setting.

Designed with camping in mind this flashlight uses new technology to both emit light and charge it's batteries.


  • POWERED BY WATER: Fuel cell flashlight runs on regular, distilled or saltwater.
  • FLASHLIGHT + LANTERN: 2-in-1 Hydralight flashlight and lantern design are ideal for all lighting.
  • NO BATTERIES: Fuel cell flashlight works on a hydro charge. Simply dip the fuel cell in water.
  • EMERGENCY LIGHT: All-weather flashlight for emergencies. No need to wind up, crank or shake out!
  • LONG LASTING: Hydralight flashlights are NO battery flashlights lasting up to 100 hours per charge.


  • Hydra-cell Technology - The breakthrough technology used in this flashlight runs on water meaning the cell is charged when water is applied. This technology allows the user to charge as and when needed using any fluid to hand including salt, distilled and bottled water.
  • Lamp Feature - While this item is sold as a flashlight it can also be used as both a lantern and hanging lamp. With a flat bottom and a hook to hang from, it can be used as a lantern on a table or hung up in a tent with relative ease.
  • 100 Continuous Hours - The fuel cells can hold a charge that will emit 100 hours of continuous light and can be charged for over 300 hours of light in total.
  • Charge Retention - The 100 hours of light can be used continuously; however, the on / off switch means that it can be used just like any other flashlight. The charge can be saved for future use and for most camping trips as one charge will easily last at least a week.


  • Liquid Charging -Never any need to worry about carrying spare batteries as there will always be water on hand to charge it.
  • Battery Life -100 hours of continuous light will last at least a week when it is only being used at night.
  • Versatile Carrying - Easy to use as a flashlight but can also be used on a table or in a tent with no problems.


Easy to Use

  • Unscrew Handle - Unscrew the handle from the head until they come apart. The fuel cell is located inside the handle and will now be easy to reach.
  • Charge Cell - Place the fuel cell in water until it has fully charged. Shake off excess water before doing anything else with it. This shouldn't take more than a few minutes to get enough charge to last a while.
  • Put Back Together -Place the fuel cell back in the flashlight and screw the handle and head back together.
  • Switch on - the switch on the side of the flashlight switches it both on and off. You can either use it as a flashlight or as a lamp or lantern once it has been switched on.

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