Tobi Portable Travel Steamer - Hi-Tech Cloth Iron and Deodorizer
Tobi Portable Travel Steamer - Hi-Tech Cloth Iron and Deodorizer
Tobi Portable Travel Steamer - Hi-Tech Cloth Iron and Deodorizer

Tobi Portable Travel Steamer - Hi-Tech Cloth Iron and Deodorizer

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Now you can keep out your ironing board for good. Smooth out wrinkly clothes in just seconds without using a traditional iron. No need for a board or flat surface, just hang your clothes and let the Tobi Portable Travel Steamer take care of the wrinkles.

The Tobi Portable Travel Steamer produces heat and moisture that gets rid of wrinkles in mere seconds. Just turn the lighted switch to ON and you're good to go. You don't need to apply any pressure. Just touch the garment lightly and move the nozzle up and down. It's so easy to use and even fun. If you also value time and lack patience for ironing, and you also think running back and forth to drop off and pick up at the dry cleaner or laundry takes too much time, then surely Tobi Portable Travel Steamer is perfect for you.


The Portable Travel Steamer is safe to use on different types of clothing materials and not only does it steams out unwanted garment wrinkles it deodorize your garments at the same time too. Forget about spending a fortune on dry cleaning, once you get the Steam Buddy you'll be saving big bucks and having neat wrinkle-free clothes

Suitable for:

  • Clothes and Garments
  • Drapes and Sheers
  • Tablecloths and Bedding
  • Cloth Shower Curtains
  • Upholstered Furniture
  • Carpets


  • Remove wrinkles, creases, and odor from garments.
  • Multipurpose handheld steamer for removing wrinkles, creases & odor from garments.
  • Tough enough for linens, safe enough for silk.
  • Safe to use on different types of materials & fabrics.
  • The lightweight, handheld steamer heats up in seconds for quick & convenient use.
  • No more burning or damaging fabrics with heavy, unwieldy irons.
  • Compact & portable, great for travel.
  • Have pass CE,ROHS,GS,UL,ETL,BS/UK certificates.
  • Transparent plastic window to show the water level.
  • A power indicator light turns off when ready for use.
  • Great for quick touch-ups when you are in a hurry.
  • Warms up quickly for fast use.
  • Easy to fill with tap water.
  • Saves huge on dry cleaning.
  • Sanitize curtains and beds.

How to use:

  1. Hang up the clothes.
  2. Fill Portable Steamer Iron with water.
  3. Plugin the travel steamer and switch ON and you're good to goYou don't need to apply any pressure.
  4. Run steamer over the clothing with a sweeping motion allowing steam to straighten wrinkles away.


  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Voltage: AC 220v
  • Power: 650W
  • Power Cord: 2.3 meters
  • Size:11 X 2.5 X 2"

Package Content:

1 x Tobi Portable Travel Steamer - Hi-Tech Cloth Iron and Deodorizer
1 x Instruction Manual

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